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At present, the company is a famous seamless steel pipe manufacturer in Shandong Province.

The seamless steel pipe production and processing project of Shandong Weichuan metal products Co., Ltd. is scientifically demonstrated and constructed in strict accordance with relevant national industrial policies and national environmental protection policies, and relevant equipment adopts advanced technologies such as energy conservation and consumption reduction. The main products are oil casing, oil pipe, hydraulic prop pipe, pressure vessel pipe, automobile pipe, military pipe and other products, with considerable market prospect. Process features of the project: first, the Assel pipe mill of the unit is an advanced and reliable three roll pipe mill at present; Second, the mandrel of the three roll pipe mill adopts mandrel pre threading and limited small cycle, which greatly shortens the threading time, improves the service life of the mandrel and ensures the internal quality of the steel pipe. Third, the unit adopts the production process automation system controlled by three-level computer to realize the functions of process parameter reservation, automatic adjustment and accident diagnosis.

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